Drain Valve Pipe Replacement

Yesterday we were called to replace the pipe that goes right after the Drain Valve in a house in Humble.

Herrera Plumbing Service is the best plumbing company in Houston to go for if your face this kind of plumbing issue. Most of the time a drain valve pipe and a drain valve can be replaced in less than one hour, how ever in some cases could take around two - three hours.

Do allow someone who it is not a professional to try to fix this problem, because could cause other damages that will cost to you several times what change the Drain Valve and replace the pipe will cost. Please see below some videos and images with before and after the pipe was replaced.


Our Service, Photo Slide Video 


Main Entry Water Line With Hose Bib Replacent

Drain Pipe Replacement in Houston

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Drain valve replacement in Houston

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